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Network AID seeks to enhance the welfare and well-being of illiterate women/girls, young people, persons with disability and deprived children to have a healthy, safe, inclusive, and corrupt-free society where they are recognized, respected and identity protected. 

Our Up Coming International Events

  1. International Conference On Pro-Poor  Micro-Finance
  2. International Anti Corruption Youth Conference
  3.  Youths With Skills Regional Seminar
  4. Prestigious Illiterate Women Award
  5. Identity Matters For All Seminar-Leave No One Behind
  6. Girls 4 Girls Regional Conference
  7. International Conference on Disabilities
  8. Our Voices Matters Caravan 


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  1. Chief MEAL Coordinator
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  3. Chief Finance Coordinator
  4. Chief Partnership and #Communication Coordinator
  5. Chief Fundraising Coordinator

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We are excited to present to you Monica Yeanie Ghaliwa,

CEO Inspiration for Human Development. The first female blind journalist in Sierra Leone; 1st Runners-up housemates Salone 2019 reality TV show; Women, Girls, and Children with Disabilities activist; and now Network AID Goodwill Ambassador.

1. HOW MANY MORE 🔪 BEFORE ACTION  IS TAKEN? 2. Who benefits from carrying out Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting (FGM/C)?

I wake up with these two questions above in my mind after pondering the whole night on the spate of FGM in the Country and the untold disability it has caused in the lives of so many women and girls. I thought of the 15-year-old at the Kailahun government hospital with a catheter and leaking parts because her parents chose to have her cut. The lifeless body of the 21-year-old lying in the Bo Government Hospital mortuary awaiting an autopsy haunts my thoughts.

High Qaulity Low Literate Animation on Identity Is A Right-Go For It

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60 Seconds - What Identity Means To Me

Khadijah's Thought

60 Seconds - What Identity Means To Me

Mohamed Barrie Speaks On IOM Role

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